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24 September 2020

7 benefits of creative writing exercises

Think of him as a real person. “This is Emma, ​​she collects taxidermy frogs” – the beginning of the conversation. No, we do not mean to say that “it was a dark and stormy night”, a floral introduction by Paul Clifford by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, is now considered the standard of bad writing. But you can imagine a place and create an atmosphere. “My grandmother was laying out cups for commemorative tea when I remembered I had left the safe open.”..

“Mingus always slept on a red blanket in the back room.” “Lawrence realized he had left the phone in the office” and “He could not see the road because of the fog,” all of which allow him to locate someone else along with elements that invite people to read further. Why Mingus sleeps in this special blanket?

Creative writing: tips for writing

At the time, viewers did not know who this family was and what the chase meant, but it was an exciting start to the series. You can reproduce a narrative style for dramatic effect on your writing by immersing the reader in the middle of the scene. You will have to understand it later, but it is a great way to start a story if you have an opening scene that justifies the impact.. .

If you are writing a novel or character-based story, start with the character. Let the reader see something about this character that makes him want to get to know him better…

Instead of climaxing, place the reader in the middle of the event. The first scene of “The Maid’s Tale” showed a family watched through the woods on television..

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