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Utility Transfer & Connections

Moving house can be stressful, organising and packing your life into boxes, then comes the move itself. One thing people don’t think about till they have moved is the transfer of utilities and essential services. Fortunately for you, there are companies such as Turn Me On Utility Connections that are the experts in connecting utilities and transfers! 

Transferring your bills and utilities from one property to another can be troublesome, long waiting times on the phone or countless emails whilst you are still packing, or unpacking can be draining. 

TurnMeOn can organise the migration and transfer of all your utilities; organising connections and disconnections such as electricity, gas, phone, internet and other moving services such as removalist, storage, cleaning and anything else required when moving. 


About TurnMeOn

We are local company in each country who are to help and assist (a good utility neighbour), looking after your utility transfers and connections to your new address. We are here to help you save time, whilst also finding you the best deal that the companies provide.  

Our company will lay out all the available options and plans then let you choose the service that suits your needs best. 

Our system is different to other utility companies because we have created it to be super easy to use all online or you can request a call back and our local call centre will call you directly and discuss all your options.

Plus, a membership program for you to earn your own rewards and money, our way of saying thank you for using the Turn Me On service. 


How Utility Transfer Works

We know that you have a lot on your plate when moving out from your old residence to the new one. That’s why we made sure to make these steps super easier for you, so you don’t have to think about anything at all. 


Its an easy 3 step process to connect your utilities and services

Completing the online Form 

  • Our website or APP has all the information you need. You just need to add you contact details in and select which current utilities you would like, this just helps us to know which options we can offer and provide.
  • Once completed you can continue online and select all the utilities and plans you would like from the full range or partners OR you can request a call back and our call centre will call you at the time you prefer and run through your questions and requirments. Its this easy.
  • Once you are all signed up, we will start the process of having all your utilities connetced and live at your new address for move in day.


Select Your Preferred and the Best Providers

We also only partner with the best provides so rest assured that every option you are given will be the best deal. Our service providers are the leading in the industries and most specifically in your area, so all you have to do is to select the best one fit for you.

You can still select your preferred service provider but rest assured that they are all the best deals.


Move In

After you select your moving day, we will make sure that your utilities are connected and ready for you and your family to move in on that date. 

It’s actually this easy!


Why Choose Our Transfer Utilities Team?

Just to make your life easier, there’s really nothing worse than moving into your new house only to realise that your new homes have no electricity. This can be frustrating but no stress because we are here to connect everything by the next business day. 


Instant Transfer

We can connect your utilities by the next business day, but we can always organise a same day connection depending on the time your submit through your details or we speak with you.


Friendly Team

We make everything easy by hiring the most friendliest team of people to run through all your options and make sure you can have a stress-free utility transfer.


Transfer Utilities Services


If we speak with you before midday, we can immediately arrange for your electricity to immediately for that day but being connected on the next business day is the norm for most cities and countries.

Our helpful team will let you know whether we can connect it on the same day or not, as we do not want to make any promises that we cannot keep.


Gas and Electricity

Gas is known as the quickest utility to connect; we can also efficiently look after your gas connection for your new house. All you need to do is contact us and we will book in your gas connection.



Both phone and internet connections usually take up 10 whole days to get connected. Our friendly and well-experienced team will assist you in finding the strongest, most reliable, and best internet connection provider for your new home.

We will also provide you with both phone and internet options that will match your lifestyle.



We are dedicated to taking good care of all your moving needs. That is why we provide the best insurance to ensure that your items are all covered in case an unfortunate even happen. Our insurance coverage will surely help protect your items and your lifestyle.


Contact Us

Whether you are planning on moving to a new home or would just like a better deal on your utilities Turn Me On can help. 

Use the service yourself or request a call back, Turn Me On is your best mate for anything required for all your moving services and utility connections. 

Let’s get connected

Become a member and earn rewards

Become a member of Turn Me On and you will have your own account which will allow you to connect all your utilities and services whenever you need. You will have full transparency of all services and utilities you connect and will earn money for each service and connection.

“ Become a member, get connected and earn Rewards”

Another reason Turn Me On is the worlds favourite utility connections company

Download the app and make moving even easier!

Free to download and free to use. Simply tick the utilities you want connected and submit your request.

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